Trincomalee's Underwater World

Trincomalee is indeed the place where you can find loads various kinds of Nudibranchs. The pinnacles around the dive sites are the ideal place for this colorful animals. You might also see Blue Whales, Whale Sharks and Manta Rays in the Bay of Trincomalee . Sea Turtles, Electric Rays, Moray Eels and huge variety of fish can be found between the massive rock formations.

FORT ROCK - (8 min Boating Time & 25-30m Depth)

For our experienced divers, this amazing rock formation offers spectacular "swim throughs", huge schools of fishes (barracudas, trevallies, snappers, bat fish), beautiful anemone's gardens and an incredible variety of marine life including big rays, tunas and for the lucky ones … whale sharks!!!

underwater blue whale

SWAMI ROCK - (4 min Boating Time & 8-22m Depth)

Right below the oldest temple in Trincomalee this beautiful rocky area is surrounded by many legends and mysteries, it's one of the most interesting and popular dive sites around…from the statues of the hindu gods (Shiva, Cali, Ganesh …) to big schools of fishes, turtles, stone fish and an incredible variety of eels!!!


FORT FREDERIK - (4 min Boating Time & 10-19m Depth)

Just in front the Dutch fort this unusual rock formation offers amazing anemones, coral reef, turtles, sting rays and a huge variety of tropical fishes including the special and unique … giant frog fish!!!

underwater blue whale

NAVY ISLAND - (4 min Boating Time & 5-12m Depth)

Next to a restricted Sri Lankan navy area this dive site is a good combination of coral reefs and rock formations. Full of a rich variety of colorful fishes and corals.

underwater blue whale

Swami rock - NURSERY REEF - (5 min Boating Time & 5-18 m Depth)

Ideal for beginners and enjoyable for experience divers too, this amazing coral reef is the nursery of hundreds of different tropical fishes.


DUTCH BAY REEF - (4 min Boating Time & 10m Depth)

It is coral reef near our divecenter.Very good for snorkelers

underwater blue whale

UPPUWELLI REEF - (20 min Boating Time & 9 m Depth)

This shallow coral reef has grown around a ruin of an old bridge which was previously used during the colonial time, this makes the dive a unique and spectacular experience between the impressive solid table coral formation and the marine life (turtles,sting rays,nudibranch …)

swim through

TWO ISLANDS - (4 min Boating Time & 12m Depth)

This easy dive is around two pinnacles, perfect for beginners and relaxing for experienced divers as well, offering lots of tropical reef life and plenty of fish.

underwater blue whale

PIGEON ISLAND - (25 min Boating Time & 12 m Depth)

A fairly large rock is visible from the land.Site is good for snorkelers as well as for open water divers.
Some of the largest table corals, Stab horn corals ,leaf corals, many varieties of brain corals and lots of mushroom soft corals can be seen.
More often divers can see black tip reef sharks 1-3m visiting the south eastern side of the island.


Trincomalee Dive Points